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As autonomous vehicles roll out and scale on land, Erol Ruwan is making waves with our autonomous technology for the maritime industry.

Transportation has already experienced disruption-such as electrification – must consider localized mobility contexts, in addition to the evolution of autonomous technology, in their assessment of autonomous transportation globally.

In the not so distant future, robo-taxis, robo-shuttles will play a ubiquitous role in moving passengers and freight in the maritime sector.

The autonomous marine platform created by Erol Ruwan is able to integrate into various duties with low cost, high safety and never before seen level of reliability.

Products and Services

Autonomous Vessels

In addition to Doris, we are building a variety of autonomous and advanced vessels.


Autonomous software for any size vessel. Made specifically for your needs.


Offshore electric charging buoy.

Autonomous Technology

Our cutting edge autonomous software is easy to train and operate on any type or size of vessel.

Ship Building capability

Disruption is nothing without real ability and capacity to build it. Erol Ruwan can build small, medium and large vessels. 

Proven and tested

Our first marine platform is being used to clean the ocean. The real life data we have accumulated in some of the busiest maritime areas in the world, has proven that our technology works in the most demanding of situations.


We understand that some laws and safety concerns will only allow for remote control with a human in charge.

Therefore, our technology is made with the ability to use remote control.

The Anchors

Mustafa Erol

Co-Founder, CEO

Mustafa Erol has been working on autonomous ship technologies and AI cloud based software solutions for marine industry. 

His inventions bring high tech AI solutions that are changing the Maritime industry.

He has experience related to product management, product development, scale up projects, R&D projects and software solutions.  He began his career as a project engineer.  He created a Startup as a founder related to Autonomous sea cleaning vehicles in 2018. This is Iwrobotx Software Co.(Iwrobotx).

He graduated from MBA program of Harvard Business School in 2018, He also graduated from Master’s degree in Physics from Gebze Technical  University in Turkey in 2018. He graduated  from bachelor degree in Electrical and Electrons Engineering program of BlackSea Technical University in Turkey in 2015.

He loves innovation and AI Software solutions. He wants to contribute protection of the global environment by using AI and Autonomous technology in maritime industry. He is a serial entrepreneur.

Nishantha Ruwan

Co-Founder, COO

Nishantha is passionate about  technology to bring results and changes to the maritime industry.

Nishantha is leading the charge to introduce AI powered solutions to the maritime sector. He is a advocate of impact investing to enlighten people that technology can generate positive economic and environmental results.

Nishantha is the founder of TheNextBigTech; a company with a focus on AI powered vision systems.

Nishantha is a graduate of American University in Economics and Law.

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