Erol Ruwan

Education & Research


Suited for the young scientist and conservationist to explore, learn, protect and clean the ocean.


Ideal for university student or faculty research.


Made for corporate, government or non-governmental organizations to research oceans.

Shared Platform

When you have similar goals and locations in mind with other researchers..

Dedicated platform

Equipped with a purpose in mind, a dedicated platform is ideal for long term research.

Available Platforms


Learn to locate ocean waste and clean it up remotely from your class room.

Microplastics, Solid waste, Liquid waste, Marine mucilage and Invasive aquatic plants.


Available in 7 meter, 9 meter and 12 meter lengths.

Ideal for marine biology research, Oceanography, Ocean Survey, Hydro graphic Survey, Water Sampling , Bathymetric Survey, .

Equipment available

  • Surface view video camera.
  • Millimeter wave radar.
  • ADCP
  • Single beam echo sounder.
  • Multi beam echo sounder
  • Forward looking sonar.
  • Side scan sonar.
  • Underwater camera.
  • Water sampling.
  • 3D LiDAR.
  • Sub bottom profiler.
  • Real time data telemetry and control.
  • Remote control or autonomous control is available.
Marine navigational equipment on modern ship or vessel

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